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February is pet Dental Health Month! 

Did you know that nasal discharge and sneezing can be a sign of a tooth infection? Or that periodontal disease causes inflammation and infection that damages other organs including the heart, liver and kidneys? A thorough oral examination of your pet's teeth and gums should be done annually. Call to book an appointment, and to find out about oral preventive care for your pet. 

Keep your pets safe and in the cold weather

Keep your pets warm. If itís too cold for you to say outside, itís too cold for your pet.

Dress for the weather. Booties and jackets or sweaters help keep your pets warm when you head outdoors. The little one in this photo should have booties to protect her paws from the cold and from salt and ice melt which can burn and irritate, and can be fatal if ingested. Wipe your petís paws and underside after being outside.

Avoid winter puddles. They may contain ethylene glycol found in antifreeze which can be fatal if ingested.

Stay away from bodies of water. With melting ice and rising water levels, lakes and streams can be extremely dangerous for you and your pet.

Never leave your pet alone in a cold car. Like your frig, cars hold in the cold, enough to cause your pet to freeze to death.

Bang on the hood of your car before starting the engine. Cats are known to seek warmth under the hood and can be seriously injured or killed by the fan belt.

Donít let your dog off leash, especially during a snowstorm. They can easily lose their scent and get lost.

Give your pet a warm place to sleep. Ensure your pet has a thick cozy bed or blanket away from any drafts and off the cold floor.

Prepare an emergency pet survival kit in case winter storms keep you in the  house for extended periods.

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Mehi Mobile Veterinary Services supports the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Fund, a charitable fund that helps advance veterinary medicine and contributes to longer, healthier lives for all pets.

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